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Since April, 2015 This year This Month
  1. PLM 233 - Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Flies
  2. PLM 102 - I Love A Rainy Night
  3. PLM 101 - Ghostbusters
  4. PLM 238 - Hot Griese And Zydeco
  5. PLM 104 - Almost Jamaica
  6. PLM 226 - Dance The Night Away
  7. PLM 235 - I Will Think Of You
  8. PLM 237 - I Can Tell By The Way You Dance
  9. LR 101 - I'll Be The One
  10. LR 305 - Summertime Blues
  1. LR 101 - I'll Be The One
  2. LR 201 - What A Wonderful World
  3. LR 305 - Summertime Blues
  4. PLM 102 - I Love A Rainy Night
  5. PLM 104 - Almost Jamaica
  6. PLM 105 - J
  7. PLM 106 - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
  8. PLM 226 - Dance The Night Away
  9. PLM 227 - Rockin' Robin
  10. PLM 233 - Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Flies
  1. LR 305 - Summertime Blues
  2. PLM 102 - I Love A Rainy Night
  3. PLM 105 - J
  4. PLM 226 - Dance The Night Away
  5. PLM 227 - Rockin' Robin

About Us

Jerry and Jimmy have both been musicians from an early age.  Jerry started calling in 1970 and Jimmy in 1973 and have called many dances together.  In 1998, as their friendship and working relationship progressed, they decided to start Platinum Records.

Jimmy owned and produced Lightning Records, which provided him experience in recording and managing a record label.  Jerry had recorded under several square dance labels so also had knowledge about the industry.  Together, with their musical backgrounds guiding them, they were looking for a superb sound in square dance music.  Most of their music is created live, using Mark Golliday at Circle Sound Studio in North Carolina, where they came up with the "good solid sound" they were looking for.

Since 1998, several guest callers have recorded with Platinum Records and Lightning Records, and these recordings are still available through the Platinum Records label. Jerry & Jimmy invite all to visit their website.

Staff / Contact Us

Platinum Records

c/o Jimmy Roberson
P. O. Box 748
Oxford, NC 27565
c/o Jerry Biggerstaff
P. O. Box 1306
Marion, NC 28752

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Jimmy's Calling Schedule
Weekly Schedule
Monday Magic Squares
Wake Forest, NC
Tuesday currently free
Wednesday Firehouse Squares (Advanced)
Durham, NC
Thursday 1st & 3rd:
Golden Dippers
Durham, NC
2nd & 4th:
Yellow Rockers
West End, NC
Friday 1st & 3rd:
Square Heels
Chapel Hill, NC
Weekends and Specials
March 24, 2017
Sylvan Squares
Brevard, NC
March 25, 2017Day of Hexagon
Brevard, NC
April 1, 2017Shooting Stars
Norfork, VA
April 15, 2017Pacesetters
Anderson, SC
April 29, 2017N. Georgia Federation
Winder, GA
May 6, 2017Fluvanna Flutterwheels
Fluvanna, VA
May 13, 2017Circle 8
Richmond, VA
May 19-20, 2017VA State Convention
Hampton, VA
June 3, 2017Southern Lights
Hendersonville, NC
June 4-9, 2017Pride Resort
Maggie Valley, NC
with Tony O
June 10, 2017Circle Eight
Waynesboro, VA
June 11, 2017 to
August 31, 2017
Alaska for 3 months
October 6-7, 2017Gatlinburg Square Up
Gatlinburg, TN
October 13, 2017
Friday Night Special
Chapel Hill, NC

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