Dance, Dance The Night Away    (PLM.)  J. Biggerstaff


Circle Left
Tell me what is on your mind
There's a place that we can go
Men star right one time around
Left Allemande and Weave The Ring
You know all I want to say
When I hear the music start
And I hold you Oh so close to me
There's a fire in my heart


Heads Square Thru count 'em 4 hands round
Do si do   That corner girl
Swing thru and Boys run right
Couples Circ.-- Farris wheel
Double pass thru, Leaders trade
Swing the corner lady round and Promenade
Forget the  world outside
& Dance the night away


Circle Left
Let me tell it to you now
As we dance the whole night long


Grand Square
We dance the night away
No words can ever protray
So, let your body tald
& spread the language of love, Alle. and weave
Dance, Dance the night away
Dance, Dance the night away
Forget the world outside
& Dance the night away